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NetTraffic is an Irish company with a core ambition to bring to the market the very latest in modern voice communications through our Internet-based platforms.

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Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.

We are an old-fashioned company here at NetTraffic Limited with old fashioned values like service to the customer and honesty as our primary touchstones. At the same time we are a young vibrant outward looking Irish company with Global partners in China, New Zealand and the US.

We enjoy giving good service and value to our customers.

We have at our core an ambition to bring to the market the very latest in modern voice communications through our IP platforms which we hope we can present to you in a human but cost effective, reliable and competent way.

We hope we can be of service to you now or sometime in the future – wherever you are.

The NetTraffic Team

Our story.


Francis Maher

Ciarán Ó Broin

NetTraffic Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Francis Maher who entered the private sector telecommunications field after 20 years working as an engineer with Eircom. From the very start the goal has always been to deliver an excellent communications service solution that is tailored towards the needs of each individual customer by providing effective telecom solutions using the very latest technologies available.

Ciarán Ó Broin is the new director of the company. He worked along with Francis Maher for a few years. Ciarán left NetTraffic to expand his VoIP experience returning to the company in 2018 with extensive experience in Cloud communication technology and international technology partners, and the reigns of NeTtraffic Ltd were handed over to him in 2018.

When I left Eircom I wanted to provide a customer focused service that would enhance the customers experience of dealing with a telecoms supplier. For me each customer interaction was a chance to build a new relationship that would withstand the test of time.

- Francis Maher

On my return to NetTraffic, my focus is to deliver a customer focused Telecoms service. I bring extensive connections across the globe in Telecoms software, Cloud PBX infrastructure and expertise to compliment the service we deliver to our clients.

- Ciarán Ó Broin


Our Focus

It’s not our intention to be all things to all customers, but the telephone industry is moving from a traditional lines based service to a modern IP based one. We want to protect the loyalty we feel towards our customers and so we will support traditional solutions while offering new services as well.

In NetTraffic, our core focus is Service. We understand the importance of voice communication to all businesses irrespective of size. From businesses of 1 to 1000, our team will be there for you.