NetTraffic's leading Cloud PBX.

NetTraffic’s Cloud PBX replaces the traditional PBX in your office and instead, it is hosted in our secure cloud.


NetTraffic Cloud PBX.

With our cloud PBX, you can connect your VoIP deskphone, PC, mobile phone, and laptop to the internet and use them as an extension to make calls from anywhere at anytime.

Could PBX Ireland

Flexible Business Communication.

You can choose different endpoints for your own extension: a normal deskphone, a mobile app, or a desktop app. All these options are available to you.

T48U Office Phone


Once you select your VoIP deskphones, we program them for you and schedule the porting of your phone numbers from your current provider to our cloud platform. Once done, the phone system is ready, and you can make and receive calls.

NetTraffic Mobile App


If your work involves going to different places, our mobile app will keep you connected to your clients and to your colleagues at work, wherever you are, while using your own extension.

NetTraffic Mobile App
NetTraffic Phone Chrome Extension


If you are working from home and you need to use your office extension to make and answer calls, our desktop app is just perfect for you. All you need is just your laptop or a PC and your good to go.

It’s feature loaded.

Our Cloud PBX is packed with industry-leading technology and cutting-edge capability. Feel free to harness the power of cloud without compromising on advanced features.

Your Cloud PBX Portal.

The Web Access Portal is available 24/7 for your selected end-users and IT administrators. It is very useful when you want to do immediate changes to the system config like Bank Holidays and Christmas break time.

What are you waiting for?

Reach out to us today and enjoy the many advantages that NetTraffic Cloud Phone System can do to your business.