Network Cabling for business.

As technologies advance, it’s important to keep your office cabling network up to industry standards to ensure you can access new products as they come online.


Services NetTraffic offers.

NetTraffic provides testing of the cabling infrastructure that is already in place in your office, build the Wifi network for you seamlessly, and if ever you are moving office we can help you with the relocation as well.

Network Cabling

Installation of market standard Cat6 cables for your office network and to connect to the Internet.

Wireless Network

Building a Wifi network for your business using access points or mesh network where wired connection is not feasible.

Network Testing

NetTraffic administers a 360 degrees full testing of cables from end users to the network cab and back.

Phone System Relocation

Are you moving to a new office and need a qualified hand in relocating your phone system? NetTraffic can help you.

Network Cabling.

Network Cabling Installation Process

1. Survey of the office building

The assigned engineer to the project will do a site visit on the agreed time and date with the customer. A site visit is needed to know the structure of the building. After the visit, a network design plan is layed out to indicate where to run cables.

2. Acquisition of materials needed

The site visit gives the engineer an idea of the materials required. These materials can be a network cab, patch panels, a switch, boxes of Cat6 cables, modules, wall sockets, black boxes, face plates, RJ45s, cable trunks, cable ties, etc.

3. Setup and Installation

The Net Traffic installation team would do any cabling work on the agreed time and date. Care would be taken to ensure the removal of any dust, debris or waste materials generated during the works.

4. Testing of network points

The final piece of the picture is the testing of the network points connectivity. Once all the points have been labelled tested and verified, devices like computers, printers can now be connected to the newly designed cabling infrastructure.

Wireless Network.

Most of the common wireless network would be your Wifi connection at home, at work, or even in a public library where Wifi is available to all. Internet wifi is limited to a certain distance range. In order to solve this issue, you need a device called access point (AP) to extend your wireless network. The manufacturer that we have tried and tested are Ubiquiti and TP-Link acccess points. They are robust and work perfectly with less maintenance. Mesh technology is becoming more and more of a trend now in wireless networking. Both of these AP support Mesh technology setup.

Network Testing.

Extensive Cable Testing

Comprehensive and thorough network test is necessary for a new or existing cable network to guarantee voice and data communication. Thus, cable testing is a standard operation in all networking projects and cannot be ignored in the process.


  • Faulty network points
  • Faulty RJ45 connector
  • Accidental cutting during cable runs
  • Very old and incompatible cables

Phone System Relocation.

Phases in Moving your Phone System


The assigned engineer meets up with the company’s designated person to discuss about the relocation. The engineer will also visit the site to check the phone system’s condition. If we support the phone system then the next course of action is Planning.


When everything is agreed and decided on the first phase, the engineer will layout a plan for the move. The plan involves the time and date of the move, the detailed cost budget for the work, the day when the phone system goes live, etc. This plan is then communicated to the designated person.


On the day of the move, the NetTraffic team will make sure that all the devices are packed, labelled, moved, and reinstalled accordingly.


All phone system equipment will be tested by our technicians to ensure that phones are working properly the day before the normal operation resumes.


The assigned engineer will be on-site on the day business operation is back to normal. The engineer will stay for as long as needed to solve any issues that will arise. NetTraffic will guarantee a smooth transition of the move.

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