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VoIP  Phones for Your Home?

Jul 10, 2021

Is working from home your long-term business solution? Then perhaps it’s time for you to consider VoIP phones for your home. Here at Net Traffic, we are dedicated to offering all of our customers an excellent selection of VoIP systems that will ensure that your communication remains high quality and accessible wherever in the world you are. Don’t let your communication falter because you’re working from home, keep your team working well together, with Net Traffic’s VoIP phones for the home.

Why use VoIP phones for your home?

  • Increased accessibility

Aside from being incredibly cost-efficient, one of the biggest benefits of VoIP phones for home working is that you can make high-quality calls from anywhere. As many homes across the country have quality internet connection, with at least fibre to the curb giving fast internet speeds to much of the population. This means that receiving and making calls while working from home couldn’t be easier with a VOIP phone. Indeed, you can take your VoIP phone with you everywhere you go with nothing more than a software app.

  • Increased scalability

One of the main disadvantages of a traditional phone system is that there is a finite number of numbers that you can add to your system. This means that you have the choice to either limit the number of people with their phones or entirely rip out the system and build another from scratch. Additionally, this system is only workable for those working in one building, and isn’t helpful for those working from home. This is where our VoIP phones for home and business work can make all the difference.

We have no restrictions on the amount of numbers that can be added to your system, meaning that you can scale your phone system up to however big it needs to be for your system. Not only does this make the system ideal for a growing business, but it also means that you can access it from anywhere, meaning that your business can go global in almost no time at all!

  • Clear voice quality

Another concern that many have about having VoIP phones for home systems, is that they might have lower quality. This is an understandable concern considering that information has to be converted from analog to digital, sent through the system and then converted back to analogue at the other end. However, this concern is entirely unfounded as our VoIP phones for homes offer excellent voice quality.

As long as you have a stable internet connection, voice quality will not be an issue. Indeed VoIP calls are usually crisper and clearer than most traditional phone calls, with no lag or call dropouts to worry about.

Sounds good to you?

If your business is planning on staying with work from home, then seriously consider investing in our quality VoIP phones for home. With an excellent system and exceptional customer service, Net Traffic really is a great choice for your business, no matter how big or small it might be. For more information about how our VoIP phone for home can help you, give us a call on 01 969 5125 or email us at info@nettraffic.ie.