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Want to Improve your Communication Channels with a VoIP Phone System?

Apr 13, 2021

Are you looking for ways to improve your business? Do you want a phone system that is as effective and international reaching as you are? Do you want a phone system that is low cost but still offers you a high quality service? Then you should consider investing in a VoIP phone system. Here at NetTraffic, we provide you with only the very latest in modern voice communication.

We know that modern business relies heavily on the ability to have instantaneous, international communication. As such we’re dedicated to providing a cost effective and reliable way to do this. We pride ourselves on our service and honesty, always putting the customer first.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

It’s been more than 140 years since the first landline phone was introduced and a lot has changed since then. Phones have changed, communication has changed and business has changed. The development of the VoIP phone system has been a game changer, moving with the times to provide the right support for all businesses. A VoIP phone stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Unlike a traditional landline telephone, a VoIP phone makes calls over the internet. This is what keeps the cost of your calls to a minimum. It’s a step up from the landline, providing you with the best possible service for your business.

How do VoIP Phone Systems Work?

To put it simply, a VoIP phone replaces your phone line with the internet. When you speak over a VoIP phone, it converts your voice into data and transmits it over the internet, somewhat like an email. Then on the other end of the call, the data is converted back into your voice, with no delay and no impact on the sound quality of your call.

This system is fast and reliable, and you can relax in the knowledge that it will always work. Most problems that you might have with your VOIP phone can be fixed remotely within a couple of minutes by our friends support team. You don’t have to wait for an engineer to come to you or wait long hours for problems to be fixed. You can just keep running your business as usual.

What are the Benefits of a VoIP Phone System?

There are a number of benefits for upgrading to a VoIP phone, one of which is scalability. A VoIP phone is not confined to the same restrictions as other systems have been. While landlines are limited to either 2 or 30 channels, a VoIP phone system can add as many channels to the system whenever you like. So no matter how big your business grows, a VoIP phone is here to work for you. VoIP phones also come with a selection of features that will make your life significantly easier. This includes voicemail, email voicemail, on-hold music, and personalised voice messages. All of these features will allow you to manage your business with ease.

Want to Find out More About VoIP Phone System?

If you’re interested in investing in VoIP phones for your business, then don’t hesitate to contact us straight away. No matter what your needs might be, we’ll be able to meet them to the highest possible standards. To get in touch with us you can contact us via our website or you can email us at info@nettraffic.ie.