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Want to Integrate Microsoft Teams VoIP into your Business?

Mar 21, 2021

Are you looking for a Microsoft Teams VoIP solution for your business or organisation? Look no further, NetTraffic has the ideal solution for you. Founded in 1999, we are an Irish based company offering modern voice communications seamlessly integrated with our IP platforms. We have partnered with clients all across the world in countries such as the US, New Zealand and China.

Our objective is to provide clients with first class solutions in a professional, dependable and cost-effective manner. We strongly believe in providing excellence in customer service and being honest, trustworthy and transparent at all times. Our Microsoft Teams VoIP offers great value for money, to make an enquiry about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us directly today.

Understanding Microsoft Teams VoIP

Here at NetTraffic, we can provide your business with a smart, simple Microsoft Teams VoIP solution. Our experts can offer a straightforward, cost-effective system that will connect your cloud-based phone system to Microsoft Teams. If you use the Microsoft Teams business communication platform, our solution can streamline your system and improve its efficiency. The benefits of our solution will greatly increase the productivity of your business and make communication much easier.

With our Microsoft Teams VOIP, you are able to make and receive calls directly within Office 365; use Microsoft Teams via a number of different platforms including PC, mobile, VoIP phones and more. If you wish to assign specific numbers to users within your organisation, this can be done easily. We guarantee that we will provide you with a smooth integration process that delivers tangible results for your business. Not only this, but it will be competitively priced, beating the rates on the market. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this tremendous offer today.

Why Choose NetTraffic?

When it comes to our Microsoft VoIP solutions, we are recognised and respected for our high level of service. We understand business demands and why it’s so important to improve communication functionality while maintaining top service standards. So that’s why we’ll take care of everything so you don’t have to worry.

We’ll ensure that your business stays connected and communication channels remain open. Our specialists will seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams VoIP in a quick and timely manner. You’ll receive our first class reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness. If you’d like to see what some of our past clients have said about us, why not read our positive testimonials?

Contact us Today for More Information

If you wish to enquire about our Microsoft Teams VoIP solutions, feel free to reach out to us and get in touch. To speak to us, you can call us directly through your browser by clicking the button on the contact page of our website. If you wish to ring us on the telephone, please call us on 01 969 5125 and we will be happy to chat and provide you with the information you require. To send us an email, please email us at: info@nettraffic.ie and we will get back to you shortly. We are looking forward to hearing from you.