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No need to replace your Phone System yet but you want to use VoIP technology for flexibility and cost-saving issues? No problem, the NetTraffic SIP Trunk will work with most contemporary on-site Phone Systems.

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NetTraffic SIP Trunking.

By using a virtual “SIP” Trunk provided by NetTraffic, you can eliminate traditional line rental and enhance the quality and functionality of your current Phone System.

Benefits of the NetTraffic SIP Trunk.

SIP Trunks have many advantages over traditional lines. It offers some the following:


No monthly line fee

There is no fixed charge for having a NetTraffic SIP Trunk, you only pay for what traffic you use.


Drive down call charges

There is no connection fee and calls are billed on a per-second basis with very competitive rates.


Easy to add numbers

Numbers can be easily added to your SIP Trunking account to cope with increased calls.

Improved call quality

SIP Trunks can deliver HD call quality to your Phone System.


Keep the same number

You keep your current office numbers when porting them onto the SIP Trunking system.



SIP Trunks are locked to your Office IP and come with fraud prevention as standard.

Keep your current Phone System

We can connect a SIP Trunk to your current Phone System either directly or via a Gateway for older Phone Systems.

More Flexibility

SIP Trunks offer more flexibility than traditional lines as they are not bound by a physical location and so multi-site operations and moving premises becomes much easier.

What are you waiting for?

Reach out to us today and enjoy the many advantages that NetTraffic SIP Trunking can do to your business.